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Liquid Kelp Seaweed Extract

• Improves plant products quality (taste, colouring, flavour and shelf life).

• Enhance stress resistance and abiotic ability for combating - cold, heat, drought and diseases.

• Improve soils biological characteristics and promotes better aggregation.

Source raw material: ‘Laminaria Japonica’ Kelp Algae 

Extraction technology: Enzymatic Hydrolysis

USAGE AND QUALITIERS: Algae Extract Ferti © Is a premium quality Algae seaweed fertiliser extract from 100% ecological sea/ocean farm raised ‘Laminaria Japonica’ Kelp using modern Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology. Product contains natural biostimulants, Algae active substances, Kelp amino acids, vitamins, mineral elements and active enzymes. Notable abilities to detoxify from various toxins and radiation pollution.

Application Method Notes

Foliar spray: Algae Extract Ferti  is compatible with most foliar application method, as the various watering turbo fan type. Dosage: 2~4 L/ha. Dilution Rate: 1 : 600~800

Drip Irrigation: Use higher rate for lighter soil; Use lower rate for heavier soil. Dosage: 5~10 L/ha/time. Dilution Rate: 1 : 200~300

Root soak: various plants bare roots can be soaked in Algae Extract Ferti 

solution of 0.5%~1% before planting out.

Seed treatment: Algae Extract Ferti is highly effective for direct seed dip and coating - before planting. Seed coating recommended at a rate 5ml/kg of seed.

For more application information about specific plant (cereal, fruits, vegetable, trees, greens) please see brochure or contact local distributor.

Algae Extract Ferti could not be stored for long time in heat conditions (> +30C) or in direct sunlight. Some sediment is standard - shake/mix well before use.

Certified for Ecological, Green, Organic farming: ECOCERT, OMRI LISTED, ETC.

Minimum quantity for purchase is 10-20 MT. Please contact us before purchasing.